Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A New Chapter Unfolds...

Undaunted by the cancellation of the Sprint Classic in Steamboat Springs, we charted new territory and had an epic day last Saturday that began with breakfast at the Red Rock Diner, then a Big Mountain Training Camp and mock competition, followed by a pizza dinner at Kayo's and topped off with and epic night of dancing to the Infamous String Dusters. The only way to try to capture the day is to break it down...

The Red Rock Diner, which is owned by Bob Olenick, was an appropriate place to start the day because of the rich CRMS and skiing legacy. We relaxed and loaded up on carbs for the day...

Steep Skiing Camp:
We headed to Snowmass to simulate a day in the life of competing in a Big Mountain Event. We headed up to the Wall and began with an inspection run. We followed competition protocal so that new folks could get a feel for what it is like to pick out competition lines. We followed this with a competition, where Kayo, Liza, and Joan Sundeen judged Overall, Control, and Continuity. In classic form I somehow screwed up charging the video cameras, so we have no footage to show for the entire day.
The experience proved to be eye opening and productive for new and experienced skiers alike, as it demonstrated and reinforced the challenges of finding and sticking to a line, and getting down extreme terrain in control.

The mock competition was followed up by a leasurely lunch at A Taste Of Philly and then a pizza dinner at Kayo's.

HRSB and The Infamous String Dusters!
The whole team closed down the day by going to The Infamous String Dusters Concert in Glenwood Springs. The Telemark Team staked out some territory in the back of the room by taking over "The Corall", a fenced in elevated seating area.
After the Hell Roaring String Band opened up (and made sure to dedicate Don't Stop Believing to the Telemark Team), the team cleared out the chairs and got ready to get down to the String Dusters.
The String Dusters absolutely tore the house down and the CRMS Telemark Team was with them every step of the way, bumping and grinding in the back of the room. The String Dusters were amped to have such good energy in the room, which was a sold out crowd, and they gave several shout outs to "The Crew in the Corall".
Toward the end of the show the team formed a dance train down the isle and up to the front of the stage, and drove the energy up in the room another notch. The String Dusters responded in kind and put together an unbelievable end of the set and encore. By the end of the night we were all dripping sweat and exstatic. Truly a new chapter had been written in the annals of the CRMS Telemark Team, one that reconfirmed the energy and passion of CRMS students.

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