Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alpine Meadows: A First Installment

At the end of February 2009 Jake Sakson and Luke Lubchenko journeyed to Alpine Meadows California to compete in the Telemark Freeskiing Championships. Below is the first installment of their journey:

A diet of breakfast burritos, gummy worms and Mate, 500 miles of Nevada public education via billboards finally arrived us in Alpine Meadows California. Although I must admit the journey was enjoyable in itself: Hours and hours of music, from Bill Monroe to Immortal Technique sure makes the time fly by. We missed all of the state signs on the way here but we knew we were in Nevada when in trying to find the bathrooms in a gas station we found ourselves overwhelmed by slot machines. The Prius killed it by the way, it sure feels good when it only costs $13.00 to fill up the tank. We stayed at Josh Madson's house, he left as soon as we got there, (I don't think we had built up a smell by then...) but his roommates cooked us dinner. Driving on one straight road all day was fun, but when the road started heading up and turning it sure felt good. I can't say I have been subject to greater hospitality then we experienced upon our arrival. Cookies and crab cakes for dinner and very fluffy beds...

Mate seshing

A little billboard wisdom

Nothing like a little gambling on a bathroom stop!

413 more miles on the same road

Check out the massive wind generators in the background

We skied Alpine Meadows today, and it was a cool resort for sure. Visibility was low and winds high so most of the lifts were not open. Although runs were short we had a good chance to get a feel for the mashed potato type snow typical of the Sierra's. We found a few small airs to hit and practiced some of our landings. I definitely crashed a lot today (Luke can say the same for sure...)but all in all it was a good day. The comp was not as big as we expected, only 40 competitors total but the venue looks really fun and seems bound to be a good time. Luke decided to make the move up and compete men's tomorrow. Because of fresh snow there will be visual inspection only tomorrow which is going to lead to some interesting strategy in order to lay down a solid line as well as ski safely without knowledge of the snow condition. The plan is two runs tommorrow and then Superfinals on Sunday weather permitting. We are currently comfortably situated in a house with about a third of the field. The butterflies can't help but build....The Evan Phelps Telly Hostel

Socked in on day one

Kickoff Meeting

Eating lunch and probably getting a little JT wisdom

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