Saturday, November 20, 2010

The 4th Annual Red Hill Time Trial becomes Stage 1 of the Oystermeister Challenge

Light snow a few days before added some mud, light snow, and ice to parts of the Red Hill Time Trial course this year. That didn't stop 59 competetors from coming out, on the last Friday before Thanksgiving Break, to compete in the first stage of the first innagural Oystermeister Challenge, also known in some circles as the Tour de CRMS.

What is the Oystermeister, you might ask? It is a series of competitions, throughout the academic year at CRMS, that are either long standing traditional events, or fairly new events, that are part of the soul of CRMS. Standings across all six events will be recorded to establish the king and queen of CRMS sports, in student and faculty divisions.

The Headmeister Challenge...

FURTHERMORE, there is a challenge within the challenge: The Headmeister challenge! As a fundraiser, faculty have pledged a donation of $200 to the three philanthropic student clubs for any male student that beats headmaster Jeff Leahy in overall standings, and other $200 for any female student that beats Amanda Leahy in overall standings.

We were thrilled to see so many people come out for stage 1, the Red Hill Time Trial.
The rest of the stages are:
2. A CRMS Climbing Comp
3. The CRMS Rat Race (Nordic race at Spring Gulch)
4. The February Plunge (a swim race)
5. The Sweet Hill Time Trial (Bike race from CRMS up to Dry Park)
6 The Crystal River Races (Kayak downriver race).

Week 3 of Dryland: Medals Testing and... BOWLING!

We got after it hard Monday and Tuesday with Medals Testing (results coming soon). Hex jumps, push ups, sit ups, and box jumps on Monday, and the 440 and the Mile on Tuesday. The Alpine Team joined us for both days, and both crews got after it hard, especially in the box jumps, 440, and mile.

We ended the week with some critical cross training at El Jebowl where we pounded several baskets of fries and gave the gutters a good work out, (with the exception of high rollers Meghan Detering and Luke Falcone).

"That is one sexy crew"

"That's a good unicorn"

"I know, another gutter ball. Just hide your eyes"

"I may be wearing a dress, but let me ask you this: "Who's your daddy?""

"I may not be able to read, but let me tell you what the score board says right now... S-T-R-I-K-E!"

"Ohhhhhh, it's so cute when you knock all the pins down!"

"This ball is going right for the gutter"

"Um, Meghan, do you have a costume I can borrow?"

"He can't also be good at bowling, can he? CAN HE?"

"Why are the pins on the roof?"

"...and so the frog said to the bananna, where did you get that suit?..."

"Fear the Komono"

"Let me show you how we did it back in the 80s"

"Jedi's don't need to see to bowl"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The 2010 Dryland Season is Underway!

After graduating many seniors last season, this season's telemark team is a smaller, yet still mighty crew. But have no fear, we're as ridiculous as always. The first week or so of dryland involved about as many students as coaches, as a handful of the boys finished out their soccer season and Luke and Kelsey B were still busy crushing it in the Colorado High School Mountain Bike League. This allowed for the remaining few of us to pursue some new activities, such as enjoying a late season mountain bike ride at the base of Mt. Sopris on the Prince Creek Trails.

Just another day of dryland training in beautiful Carbondale, CO (Prince Creek)

Many of our afternoons have been spent alongside the alpine and snowboard teams. They have joined us for plyometric circuits, trail runs, and our favorite field game-- speedball. This cross of soccer/ultimate/football is back in full force this season, completely destroying each and every one of us from the all the sprinting involved.

Cormac (in red)works on perfecting his squat technique during tri-team tabata (plyometric circuits)

Another day not to be forgotten: The Marion Gulch Mud Fest! I guess next time we'll know... when Kayo and Meghan have to ask themselves, "hmm, will it be too muddy up there today?"... the answer is YES. But great fun comes out of running on a trail that: A.) Just witnessed 2+ days of rain and snow, B.) Is often muddy anyways, C.) contains hidden creeks under the snow, and D.) After said weather, just got stomped on by the cows coming out of the high country. What resulted was one of the muddiest drylands in history. Some got to partially practice ski technique on the slick downhill sections, shoes were suctioned off by mud on the way back down for others. But we did get in a good run and a leg-burning-backward walking-tuck-positioned hill workout, complete with a few burr bouquet fights. We returned to the fatboy covered in mud and "velcroed" with burrs. What a day!
*On a side note, another highlight of the day occurred as Meghan, our school librarian, was quoted out of context during a break, exclaiming, "No, I can't read!" In trying to explain that she indeed does work all day in the library, as opposed to reading books, browsing facebook, etc., she singlehandedly subjected herself to jokes about literacy-- for the rest of the season.

A few weeks into the season, looking to switch it up a bit... we hit the pool! For waterpolo! In AWESOME hats! The Glenwood Rec Center set us up with three lanes and the official water polo headgear. Man, did we look good. A few of the students in CRMS' swimming active and teacher Erik Skeaff joined us for a competitive game. This was new territory for the tele team. Though not all are expert swimmers, we did get a great workout and are proud to report that no one drowned. After the game a quick spa session was in store, with a hot tub and water slide sesh. Most everyone on the team came up with a new, creative way to descend the water slide-- unfortunately all were vetoed by the lifeguard. Hey, at least we tried...

Charlie and Lucien

Cormac under pressure from Robinson, as Kayo and JT look on

Kayo charges Luke as he tries to pass off the ball

Charlie jumps up to defend the goal

Kayo, just tall enough to ride the slide

Feet first only, Luke!

Kayo shares deep thoughts on life, love, and trash bag sledding