Saturday, October 25, 2008

Red Hill Run - 10.23.08

The Tele Team ran up Red Hill for the first time this season. Thursday provided us with an unusually warm afternoon and we headed across the highway to familiarize ourselves with the time trial course. We'll crank up our speed on the Hill over the next four weeks. Our baseline times are listed below (in minutes):

To access 2007 Time Trial Results click here.

Dillon Smith - 25
Kelsey Bohannon - 31
Noah Johns - 22
Trevor Gomez - 38
Sam Stevens - 23
Luke Lubchenko - 22
Juan Pablo Alcocer - 39
Andrew Halloran-Taylor - 37
Duncan Marsh - 23
Brian Butcher - 24
Peyton Heitzman - 33
Brooke Lederer - 29
Peter Madigan - 26
Gracyn Overstreet - 33
Thorne Warner - 25
Charinne Contouris - 50
Jared Carlson - 24
Nick Malick - 27
Grady Lenkin - 28
Megan Detering - 28
Liza Cochran - 26

Friday, October 24, 2008

Communication from the Pain Cave: Dryland Training 2008

Hello Parents and Athletes!

Welcome to the 2008/2009 Telemark Season. We are more excited than ever about this season, which promises an exciting mix of slopestyle, big mountain, and traditional Telemark events.

As Dylan Smith and Luke Lubchenko eloquently mentioned the other day, dryland is as much about mentally preparing for the season as it is physical. In this light we see the next 5 weeks as a critical endeavor for both physical and mental fitness, as well as for the development of a team community.

We are delighted to we working with a team of 24 athletes this year, all of which are bringing their A-game to dryland. We are also exited to welcome Liza Cochrin to the coaching staff.