Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CRMS Thanksgiving Ski Camp @ Copper Mountain

We had a great time over Thanksgiving Break skiing at Copper Mountain with a good chunk of the team. The snow was typical of early season skiing in Summit County, but this has never seemed to hold back the passion and fun of our crew!!

Throughout the season, we will be using video analysis on a regular basis to improve our technique. This is the first installment that was taken at Copper. Keep an eye on these videos, and watch the team grow and improve with each day, kind of like a chia pet...sort of. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Men and Women's Records Crushed in the 2008 Red Hill Time Trial!

After 5 weeks of dryland training the Telemark, Alpine, Nordic, and Off-Piste teams converged in the parking lot of Red Hill to partake in the annual time trial that marks the last day of dryland training. Many of the men were pushing to beat the 20.04 minute mark set by Jake Sakson and several of the women were competing to crush the 24 minute record set by Zoe Larmer last year. Others were looking to simply best their own personal records and still others were engaging in their first time up the course.

From the top of the course Hannes Thum's voice over the radio counted down the mass start and a pack of 50 plus athletes surged up the road, onto the 3 Gulch Trail to the Blue Ribbon trail and finally straight up the grueling last section to Mushroom Rock.

Telemark athlete Nick Malik squeeked by Jake's 2007 record by coming in as the first runner at 20.02 and Alpine athlete Jaqueline Larouche crushed last year's womens record by a clean minute by coming in at 23.

The Telemark Team followed up the run with a monster pasta feed at Liza' and Meghan's house which included an extraordinary round of butt-darts meets whip cream Russian Roulette and an absolutely stunning brownie cake by Meghan.


Click here for 2007 Results

Red Hill Time Trial: Three Gulches Trail November 20, 2008
20 2 Malik Nick M Telemark
20 8 Marsh Duncan M Telemark
20 19 Deveney Rob M Off-Piste
20 35 Bingham-Johns Noah M Telemark
20 36 Lubchenco Luke M Telemark
21 26 Madigan Peter M Telemark
22 6 Smith Dylan M Telemark
22 11 Carlson Jared M Telemark
22 25 Roh Steve M Telemark
22 26 Maxwell Robin M Off-Piste
22 27 Kennedy Hayden M Telemark
22 54 Butcher Brian M Telemark
23 9 Larouche Jacqueline F Alpine
24 0 Warner Thorne M Telemark
24 7 Wilcox Johnny M Off-Piste
24 6 Stevens Same M Telemark
24 30 Franz Sage M Off-Piste
24 46 Lenkin Grady M Telemark
24 46 Cranmer Ethan M Alpine
25 47 Kim Han-Jun M Alpine
26 32 Kaufman Elliot M Nordic
26 32 Kaufman Sam M Nordic
26 58 Bell Sam F Alpine
27 25 Henderson Alex M Off-Piste
27 27 Lederer Brooke F Telemark
27 52 Hobby Adam M Telemark
28 5 Alocer Juan Pablo M Telemark
28 30 Sugnet Angeline F Alpine
29 1 Bohanan Kelsey F Telemark
29 27 Masters Catherine F Alpine
29 29 Coates Kat F Alpine
29 49 Gabow Kyra F Alpine
30 4 Strong Mima F Nordic
30 5 Hamilton Dylan M Off-Piste
30 31 Heitzman Peyton F Telemark
30 42 Schacter Sydney F Alpine
31 9 Walker Katie F Off-Piste
31 10 Overstreet Gracyn F Telemark
31 30 Deveney Maggie F Nordic
32 55 Reed Lily F Alpine
32 53 Duncan Catie F Nordic
33 43 Gomez Shade F Alpine
34 14 Heitzman Jessi F Off-Piste
34 42 Gomez Trevor M Telemark
35 42 Williams Julia F Alpine
36 30 Cantu Maddy F Alpine
36 38 Dingley Graham M Off-Piste
37 52 McKinley Elli F Off-Piste

Monday, November 17, 2008

Diving Board Sesh!!! ... and Basketball???

Yes, we are a competitive telemark ski team. And yes, in the past week we have dominated the bowling alley, basketball court, and even the pool. The diving board sesh has been in the works for weeks. We got shut out last week when the pool was completely drained. We got shut out for the first hour today since operating hours didn't begin till 4. At last we hit the pool, but not before a killer game of full-court basketball. It was a nice chance to wake-up the potentially sore legs after our first day on snow and turned out to be a rousing, scrappy game. Who knew the tele team had such skills?

As we'd hoped, the diving board was the perfect tool for us to work on aerials- take-offs, spotting landings, body positioning in the air, and sicko moves that require more training before being attempted on snow. Several of the boys have been at this routine throughout the summer and fall. They continued to work on inverted moves, while others focused on springing off the board and staying upright through the progression of 180s, 360s, and beyond. It was a blast! Many laughs and great progress all around!

Gracyn with a clean 180

Dillon getting inverted

Luke teaching Kelsey how to spring off the board

Steve Roh comin' in hot!

Jared spotting the landing on the 180

Sam lookin' steezy

First Day on Snow!

Great energy, bluebird skies, and the usual hordes of skiers marked the third annual Copper Mountain early season training session. The day added a critical layer to dryland training by getting some of the early season leg burn out of the way, as well as gave us a head start on teaching the Telemark turn to new athletes. We divided up and ripped hard in the morning, soaked in the sun and loaded up on Burrito Grande's for lunch, hit the rail park, and then logged two more runs before the day ended.Duncan Marsh getting some grindage.
Kelsey Bohanon sizes up some of her first rails.
Sam Stevens getting his glide on.
Charrine Chontouris slays her first day ever on skis.

Medals Testing, Day 3 - Bowlerama!

Medals Testing, Day 3 - Bowlerama!

The crew showed up to dryland today under the premise that we would be suffering through a new phase of Medals Testing that was just published by the US Ski team, which required 70's and 80's disco attire. Faces were ashen and worried about another suffer fest after a week of Medal's Testing, but that all changed when we pulled into the bowling alley. The CRMS Telemark Team owned El Jebowl this Thursday afternoon! The 7 year-old birthday party on the other side had nothing on us as we honed our core strength with the ultimate medicine balls.

Luke Lubchenco rolls another between the legs strike.
Adam "Crocket" Hobby
Peter Madigan with some monster steeeeeeeeese.
Gracyn Overstreet laying finding the quickest way to the gutter.
Steve Roh on his way to victory.
Trevor Gomez and Juan Pablo spreading the love.
Peter Madigan and Kelsey Bohannon rolling retro style.
Gracyn Overstreet hooking up with perfect form.
Meghan Detering shows us all what it means to dress for a hard day of dryland and Dylan Smith stalks another set of pins.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Medals Testing Day 2

Push Ups
Dillon Smith 25
Noah Johns 15
Luke Lubchenko 42
Andrew Halloran-Taylor 21
Duncan Marsh 21
Peyton Heitzman 26
Brooke Lederer 16
Peter Madigan 42
Joan Sundeen 30
Gracyn Overstreet 16
Charinne Contouris 1
Jared Carlson 31
Nick Malick 37
Steve Roh 30
Meghan 33

Guys Push Up 100%: 75
Girls Push Up 100%: 56
Guys Push Up Record: Jake Sakson 59
Girls Push Up Record: Peyton Heitzman 26
Dillon Smith 39
Noah Johns 51
Luke Lubchenko 57
Andrew Halloran-Taylor 32
Duncan Marsh 43
Peyton Heitzman 43
Brooke Lederer 48
Peter Madigan 44
Gracyn Overstreet 40
Charinne Contouris 24
Jared Carlson 48
Nick Malick 30
Steve Roh 43
Meghan 39

Guys Crunch 100%: 70
Girls Crunch 100%: 67
Guys Crunch Record: Luke Lubchenco, Alex Padgett 56
Girls Crunch Record: Brooke Lederer 48
Hex Jumps
Counter Clockwise listed first, then Clockwise
Dillon Smith 21.32 21.01
Noah Johns 16.14 17.44
Luke Lubchenko 16.9 17.67
Andrew Halloran-Taylor 22.04 23
Duncan Marsh 18.81 16.97
Peyton Heitzman 25.86 26.94
Brooke Lederer 21.45 21.41
Peter Madigan 17.67 17.1
Gracyn Overstreet 18.92 19.01
Jared Carlson 18.4 18.95
Nick Malick 17.15 16.62
Steve Roh 20.39 18.82
Kayo 18.35 19.82
Meghan 20.24 20.06
Liza 21.24 25.29

Guys CRMS Hex Record: Noah Johns 16.14
Girls CRMS Hex Record: Gracyn Overstreet 18.92

Box Jumps
Dillon Smith 47
Noah Johns 88
Luke Lubchenko 75
Andrew Halloran-Taylor 30
Duncan Marsh 62
Peyton Heitzman 33
Brooke Lederer 36
Peter Madigan 69
Gracyn Overstreet 37
Jared Carlson 41
Nick Malick 64
Steve Roh 57
Meghan 59

Guys Box Jump 100% = 105
Guys Box Jump CRMS Record: Noah Johns 88
Girls Box Jump 100% = 95
Girls Box Jump CRMS Record: Kelsey Lewis 43

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Medals Testing- Day 1

It's official...the tele team is one burly crew! We hit the track today for the first leg of medals testing. Back in it's second season, the program has proved to be a great success. We have benchmarks for returning athletes to attempt surpassing this year, while new team members are pushing to establish a baseline and also chase previous records. It was an exciting day where records fell, new champions were crowned, and EVERYONE left their heart (and drool) on the track. See below for timed results and highlights of the 40 m, 400m, and mile runs.

40 Meters

All four returners topped their sprint results from last year. Noah set a new team record with Steve Roh at his heels, just .03 behind...in jeans! More importantly, a strong effort by all!

2007 2008
Dillon Smith 4.89 4.81
Kelsey Bohannon

Noah Johns
Trevor Gomez 5.7
Kelsey Lewis 5.1
Sam Stevens 5.52 5.25
Luke Lubchenko 5.2 4.93
Juan Pablo Alcocer

Andrew Halloran-Taylor
Hayden Kennedy 5.53
Duncan Marsh 5.1 5.08
Brian Butcher

Peyton Heitzman
Brooke Lederer
Peter Madigan
Joan Sundeen

Gracyn Overstreet
Adam Hobby
Hannah Horn

Thorne Warner

Charinne Contouris
Jared Carlson
Nick Malick
Grady Lenkin

Steve Roh

Meghan 5.33 5.43

SEASON RECORD 4.89- Dillon Smith Noah Johns- 4.6
Noah Johns- 4.6

400 Meters

Three of the boys bested last year's times by 3-7 seconds! Peter set a blazing new team record and everyone finished with times under two minutes.

2007 2008
Dillon Smith 1:13 11 1:07 4
Kelsey Bohannon

Noah Johns
1:03 5
Trevor Gomez 1:22 83
Kelsey Lewis 1:16 25
Sam Stevens 1:18 00 1:11 00
Luke Lubchenko 1:10 21 1:07 20
Juan Pablo Alcocer

Andrew Halloran-Taylor
Hayden Kennedy 1:22 83
Duncan Marsh 1:04 98 1:10
Brian Butcher

Peyton Heitzman
Brooke Lederer
Peter Madigan
1:02 2
Joan Sundeen

Gracyn Overstreet
Adam Hobby
1:16 50
Hannah Horn

Thorne Warner

Charinne Contouris
Jared Carlson
Nick Malick
Grady Lenkin

Steve Roh
1:06 7

Meghan 1:11 00 1:16 7

SEASON RECORD 1:04 98- Duncan Marsh 1:02 2- Peter Madigan
1:02 2- Peter Madigan


The brutal mile. It had us all deep in the pain cave, but we emerged victorious! All returners topped their times from last season-- Duncan cut his time by more than 30 seconds, Sam by more than a minute!!! Brooke set a speedy pace for the women, finishing well under the typical 8 minute mile. But the greatest accomplishment of the day was seeing every athlete stumble across the finish line, legs burning, lungs gasping for air. This is one tough team! Bring on the snow!

2007 2008
Dillon Smith
7:22 3
Kelsey Bohannon

Noah Johns
6:30 8
Trevor Gomez 8:13 --
Kelsey Lewis 7:38 --
Sam Stevens 7.36 28 6:34 2
Luke Lubchenko 6:33 66 6:31
Juan Pablo Alcocer

Andrew Halloran-Taylor
Hayden Kennedy 6:48 --
Duncan Marsh 7:06 -- 6:29 5
Brian Butcher

Peyton Heitzman
8:57 2
Brooke Lederer
7:31 45
Peter Madigan
6:17 3
Joan Sundeen

Gracyn Overstreet
9:26 3
Adam Hobby

Hannah Horn

Thorne Warner

Charinne Contouris
Jared Carlson
7:38 4
Nick Malick
6:38 48
Grady Lenkin

Steve Roh


Meghan 8:52 -- 8:18 45

SEASON RECORD 5:49 00- Jake Sakson 6:17 3- Peter Madigan
5:49 00- Jake Sakson

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Red Hill Run - 11.06.08

We ran Red Hill for the second time last Thursday. The frigid weather put some fire under our tails, and we improved our times across the board. In nine days, we'll look to defend our title as the fastest dry land team. Stay posted for information regarding the Red Hill Time Trial on Thursday, November 20th!

The times listed below are in minutes:

Dillon Smith - 23
Kelsey Bohannon - 30
Noah Johns - 22
Trevor Gomez - 34
Sam Stevens - 21
Luke Lubchenko - 21
Juan Pablo Alcocer - 34
Duncan Marsh - 21
Peyton Heitzman - 32
Peter Madigan - 32
Gracyn Overstreet - 33
Adam Hobby - 26
Hannah Horn - 32
Charinne Contouris - 44
Jared Carlson - 26
Nick Malick - 23
Grady Lenkin - 26
Steve Roh - 23
Amon Barker - 30
Kayo - 24

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ultimate Tournament & Balancing Acts

On Tuesday, the tele team put its ultimate frisbee skills to the test by challenging the other dryland programs (off-piste, snowboard, and climbing teams) to a huge Ultimate Tourney. While our already epic dryland season will not likely be remembered for this day, we are proud to say we gave it our best effort. Stylin' in the team color of black, the intimidation of our ninja-like presence could not overcome our lack of skill. In the end, it was the climbers who emerged victorious. With our massive squad of over 20 players, we were fortunate to have subs and also games that evolved on the sidelines amongst extras who were not out on the field. We did not dominate the day, but have had a blast with ultimate this season on many afternoons before yoga.

Subs also learned some of Meghan's magnificent balancing acts! The sidelines were packed with athletes learning to kneel and rotate, stand, and squat on plyoballs. Others attempted the medicine ball toss while standing on two, or even one, legs on the Bosu ball. In each of these exercises we're aiming to improve balance and core and lower body strength-- all tools that will benefit us in various aspects of our skiing over the coming months. Plus it's fun to have a ninja circus side-show on the field to cheer on the team!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Red Hill Run - 10.23.08

The Tele Team ran up Red Hill for the first time this season. Thursday provided us with an unusually warm afternoon and we headed across the highway to familiarize ourselves with the time trial course. We'll crank up our speed on the Hill over the next four weeks. Our baseline times are listed below (in minutes):

To access 2007 Time Trial Results click here.

Dillon Smith - 25
Kelsey Bohannon - 31
Noah Johns - 22
Trevor Gomez - 38
Sam Stevens - 23
Luke Lubchenko - 22
Juan Pablo Alcocer - 39
Andrew Halloran-Taylor - 37
Duncan Marsh - 23
Brian Butcher - 24
Peyton Heitzman - 33
Brooke Lederer - 29
Peter Madigan - 26
Gracyn Overstreet - 33
Thorne Warner - 25
Charinne Contouris - 50
Jared Carlson - 24
Nick Malick - 27
Grady Lenkin - 28
Megan Detering - 28
Liza Cochran - 26

Friday, October 24, 2008

Communication from the Pain Cave: Dryland Training 2008

Hello Parents and Athletes!

Welcome to the 2008/2009 Telemark Season. We are more excited than ever about this season, which promises an exciting mix of slopestyle, big mountain, and traditional Telemark events.

As Dylan Smith and Luke Lubchenko eloquently mentioned the other day, dryland is as much about mentally preparing for the season as it is physical. In this light we see the next 5 weeks as a critical endeavor for both physical and mental fitness, as well as for the development of a team community.

We are delighted to we working with a team of 24 athletes this year, all of which are bringing their A-game to dryland. We are also exited to welcome Liza Cochrin to the coaching staff.

Friday, April 25, 2008

CRMS/Aspen Ski Company Solar Array Partnership

The ground has been broken on the monster solar array right behind the Jossman Building at CRMS. This is the result of a partnerhip between The Aspen Ski Company and CRMS to add solar energy to the grid. Check out the video of the story.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

CRMS Atheletes Storm the Podium at the World Telemark Free-skiing Championships

CRMS Telemark Team Alumni Nick DeVore takes the World Telemark Freeskiing Title and 18 year old Jake Sakson gave both Nick and reigning champion Dylan Crossman a run for their money by by winning the prelims, finishing 4th in the finals, and winning the super finals - resulting in a 3rd place finish over all in the innagural World Telemark Freeskiing Championships at the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska.

Jay Beyer Photo from nickdevore.com

Jake's performance followed a 4th place finish at the Telemark Freeskiing Nationals a week earlier in Crested Butte.

As news trickled in from Alaska over the course of the two day competition, we could hardly sleep. The time difference made it all the more difficult, as midnight became the telephone rally and the only other news came from cell phone text messages:

From Max Mancini: "Jake is in first place going into the finals!!! His line was by far the sickest of the day one. Do u think I can get his autograph?"

From Josh Madsen: "Jake in first after day one... crushing it!"

At midnight after day two we finally connected with Jake to hear the final story. The day one venue had been on a closed slope that, for some reason, athletes could not scout. Snow conditions ended up bizarre and Jake's line result in a billy goat over an Arete on to a 50 degree slope and then a kick turn above an 80 foot cliff, allowing him to navigate over to a 50 foot cliff and a stunning finish.

The kickstep above the 80 footer.

Jake, somewhere in the mix of his prelim-line.
Jay Beyer Photo from nickdevore.com

Airing 50 feet out into the finish apron.

Regarding the line, Jake said, "This was terrifying. I am not religious per se, but afterwards I crossed myself. It was icy and treacherous."

He went on to ski two strong lines in the finals and super finals.

Day 1 Top 4 Results:
Sr Men
Bib Score
57 Sakson, Jake 38
68 Crossman, Dylan 36.8
41 Robinson, JT 36.4
33 DeVore, Nick 33.6

The CRMS Telemark Team and the CRMS community as a whole sends Jake its warmest congratulations for this monster achievement!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CRMS Telemark Team Video Archives

2005 Telemark Slopestyle Nationals Copper Mountain

Three Years in the Life of the CRMS Telemark Team: 1999-2001

Fat Boy Quarter Pipe, 2004

Friday, March 21, 2008

12th Annual Crested Butte US Extreme Telemark Championships

Day 1 Wednesday March 20th
Meghan and Kayo drove in late Wednesday night from two days of epic powder skiing in Alta and Snowbird Utah. The next day they met Sebastian Scholl and Elle Woolaway at CRMS atnoon - Sebastian would join us on the trip down to CB and Elle stopped by to wish the team well and deliver a batch of stunning cookies. After a smooth drive we arrived just in time to register and make the competitors meeting, where we met Jake, Hayden, Kelsey, and Luke (who had come down two days early to get to know the venue) as well as Kirti and Taylor Youngflesh who were there to watch and support.
After the venue and no fall zones had been established at the competitors meeting (Sock-it-two-me Ridge), we all went in and ate Mexican food in down town CB and then dug into the customary pre-competition jam. Many thanks to Drew Sakson for letting us all crash in his condo at the base of the mountain on the first night!

Day 2 Thursday March 21st
We were up at 6:45 and on the lift at 8:00 to scout the venue. The morning was bluebird and 3 fresh inches of snow had fallen over night (on a base of 370 inches). Even though CB was reporting outstanding conditions, the adreniline began to flow as people got a dose of the technical, steep, rock and tree ridden terrain that CB is so famous for. No big clean cliff drops and wide open terrain here - only chausy, exposed lines.

Kelsey was the first girl out of the gate, and she skied a Kelsey Lewis signature line - racking up a line score (of 6) by skiing a line no other women were willing to ski and hucking a big cliff to top it all off (the same cliff Hayden is scouting in the picture above).

Next out of the gate was Luke Lubchenco, running in the middle of the junior men pack. He chose a line on the looker's left of the venue, where the more technical and difficult lines lay waiting for their prey. He was the only junior boy to venture into that terrain and he put together a stunning, and clean, run that included stomping a beautiful double cliff (below).

Molly Holmes was the next to run, in her second big mountain event, but this time in the adult women field. She put together a solid run, skiing her lines with signature grace and agility and quickly demonstrating that she was up to the challenge of the technical terrain of Crested Butte.

Next came one of the coaches - Meghan Deutering - jumping into the fray and getting after her first big mountain event. After crushing the venue and making it look like a groomer, she came through the finish all smiles and wanting more.

Sebastian Scholl was the next Crum to compete - in his first big mountain competition. As is often the case with a first big mountain events, especially in CB where the conditions can be firm and technical, he had a challenging run, with a big tumble towards the bottom. The crew was phyched to see him log his first comp run though!

The day continued to be bluebird, with the occasional blast of wind that ripped snow off the starting zone ridge. Those who had competed kicked it in the finish and enjoyed the spring conditions.

Hayden Kennedy was the first adult male to compete. We were all eager to see what line he would chose, as he was juggling between two different lines as he made his way up to the start. He charged the top of the course with the fast, fluid, and bouncy technique we have all come to know and he immediately jumped into the most technical terrain the venue had to offer. He finished by nailing a cliff with a monster crossed up grab and charging the finish line with big super-G turns.

Kayo was next, jumping into the fray with the sole purpose of trying to ski a tower with a triple pillow drop that looked like the softest snow on the venue. He successfully got up on the tower and dropped the pillows and then cartwheeled coming out of the drop, losing his pole and popping his old shoulder out. That's what happens when you are old. He finished with smiles though.

It was up to Jake to bring it home, and he did in stunning fashion. He began with his signature bouncy, energetic turns down the no fall zone lines on the top of the venue. He then took the risk of traversing over to the far lookers left, where only one other skier had ventured, and he stomped a hair, technical double cliff drop and threw in a monster spread eagle to boot.

Coaches, crowd, and judges alike were blown away at the level of skiing that CRMS athletes brought to the event. It was enough to advance Kelsey in second place in the Junior Women, Luke in second place in the Junior Men, Kayo in 19th place, Hayden in 16th place, and Jake in 4th place in the adult men. We celebrated with a monster pizza party with the VMS team, and some mean rounds of Cheese Lund.

Taylor Youngflesh pays the high price of having to lick Kayo's toe after losing in a round of the card game Cheese Lund.

Day 1 Results:

Junior Women
  • Francesca Pavillard-Cain 28.80
  • Kelsey Lewis 26.00
CUT OFF------------------------------------
  • Riley Ebel 20.00

Junior Men
  • Kjell Ellefson 33.40
  • Luke Lubchenco 32.00
  • Rob Wear 29.20
  • Forrest Graves 28.60
  • Carder Lamb
  • Christian Kloser 27.00
  • Luke Cutler 26.40
CUT OFF-------------------------------------------------------
  • Danny Pylman 25.60
  • Cole Graskamp 25.60
  • Jordan Goldstein 17.00
  • Sebastian Scholl 12.60

Master Women
  • Deanna Pratt
Master Men
  • Mark Phwah 27.80
  • Launce Gouw 26.60
  • Rick Pratt 26.60
  • Bill Lerch 25.20
CUT OFF--------------------------------------------------
  • Randy Leeds 20.60
Adult Women
  • Megan Michaelson 32.20
  • Paige Brady 27.80
  • Rather Hosch 25.40
  • Molly Etters 24.00
  • Amelia Peacock 23.80
  • Hannah Hosch 23.20
  • Louise Sanseau 23.20
  • Di Bridges 22.80
  • Kirsten Fraser 22.80
  • Angie Mauldin 22.40
CUT OFF-----------------------------------------------------
  • Karina Steele 22.00
  • Molly Holmes 20.80
  • Brittnea Cordial 20.20
  • Lucy Sackbauer 20.00
  • Tina Kempin 20.00
  • Tara Johnson 17.80
  • Elizabeth Bushell 17.60
  • Meghan Detering 16.80
Adult Men
  • Seaton MacMillan 34.80
  • Ben Morello 34.60
  • Jason Layh 34.60
  • Jake Sakson 34.20
  • Phil Spinner 32.80
  • JT Robinson 32.60
  • Colin MacMillan 32.20
  • Yu Kuwabara 32.00
  • Justin Stout 31.60
  • Conor Davis 31.40
  • Eric Panebaker 31.40
  • Ryan Leard 31.00
  • Kellen Sams 31.00
  • Andy Jacobsen 31.00
  • David Paulik 30.20
  • Hayden Kennedy 30.00
  • Paul Kimbrough 29.60
  • Kent May 29.60
  • Kayo Ogilby 29.40
  • Henrik Langeland 29.20
  • Ryan Young 29.00
  • Andrew Kastning 28.80
  • Peter Hudnut 28.40
  • Daniel Krajewski 28.40
  • Erik Nauman 27.60
  • Brandon Snyder 27.40
  • Danny Minahan 27.20
  • Simon Schaad 27.00
CUT OFF-----------------------------------------------------------
  • David Magoffin 26.40
  • Richard Leeds 26.40
  • Shawn Craig 26.40
  • Ross Beane 26.20
  • Tommy Gogolen 26.20
  • Taylor Wisner 25.20
  • James Donald 24.80
  • Ben Johnson 24.80
  • Paul Majewski 24.80
  • Isaac Portz 24.60
  • Roman Koodziej 22.00
  • Dawson Paschall 21.60
  • Steiner Nes 21.00
  • Ryan Portz 20.80
  • Dustin Swan 20.20

Day 3 Friday March 22: Finals and Super Finals
What? What!!? WHAT?!
CRMS Athletes elicit incredulous responses all day long from monster crowds Saturday as they send stunning lines and shake things up in the finals of the US Extreme Telemark Championships.

Another early morning and a breakfast of adreniline and butterflies. As the morning sun pushed the shadows off the mountain and shone its first light on the new coordiroy at the base, we arrived and ate breakfast burritos as we waited to catch the 8:00 athlete chair.

Soon we were on the lift ascending the mountain under cloudless skies. The venue for the finals was the notorious Dead End Chutes (marked by the neon blur in the photo below), Body Bag (the chute to the left of the big band of trees in the center of the photo), Stair Case (a no fall zone at the very top of the bumped-out chute to the right of center of the photo) and Slot Rocks (the snow covered cliff band that ends in trees to the far right of the photo) - a long, technical run with 50 degree no-fall-zone terrain littered with rocks and trees at the bottom - perfectly situated for the spectators at the end of the run but not so perfect for the athletes who would be dealing with fatigue.

Kayo showed Kelsey some technical lines on the lookers right side of the venue - through the Staircase and Slot Rocks area - while Luke picked out lines in Body Bag and Jake and Hayden scouted the Dead End Chutes.

Coaches and the Sebass then dug in and got comfortable in the finish as Kelsey and Luke cycled up to the top for their runs.

Kelsey was the first competetor of the day and her bright pink pants and white jacket were soon visible at the top of Stair Case. Excitement stirred in the crowd as she dropped the biggest rock Staircase had to offer and stuck her landing in a steep, no fall-zone gully. At this point, everyone including the judges expected her to ski the easiest line down through a steep bump field to the finish. Kelsey had other plans however, and she cut out of the main slope, dropped another feature and began to traverse across Slot Rocks. At this point you could hear people in the crowd murmering "who is this girl?". She sent a cliff on the far end of Slot Rocks to the tune of multiple "WHATS?!" and then dissapeared in a cloud of snow. It turned out that she did fall coming out of her cliff line, in what was still considered a no fall zone, which would prohibit her from taking the title that everyone knew she deserved that day, but everyone was in agreement that this girl was shaking the status quo of junior women's big mountain skiing.

Video of the bottom part of Kelsey's Finals Run:

We then began the nervous wait for Luke's planned run through Body Bag. As the junior men began their runs, in reverse placement order, it became evident that no other boys were willing to venture into the terrain that Luke had chosen. After what seemed like an eternal wait, Luke's mustard pants appeared through the trees at the top of the venue. At times, cascades of snow were the only visible manifestation of his progress through the chute. He then appeared at the bottom of the Body Bag chute and before anyone even had time to catch their breath he sent and cleared the cliffs and debris out of the bottom and stomped his landing in apron. He had completed his second clean run of the competition to the tune of even more WHAT's?!

Then began the men's field and the anticipation of Hayden and Jakes runs were almost too much to bear. They had carefully picked out stunning and creative lines and had mapped out every detail from above and below. Hayden planned to jump into the chaucy gnarlyness of rocks and trees that was the border of Body Bag and Dead End Chutes, some of the scariest, most technical terrain of any big mountain venue in the country, and Jake had managed to find a pillow of snow no one else had seen that hung half way down a hair raising and highly exposed cliff in Dead End Chutes. Hayden headed up to the start first and the wait began.

What the crowd experienced next, in both Hayden's and Jakes runs, was telemark skiing at the absolute top of the game, and it quickly became evident that these two 18 year olds were going to give the podium a run and send shivers up the spines of the older and more experienced men's field.

Where as most competetors had picked their way through the exposed rocks and trees of Dead End Chutes by traversing and weaving through, Hayden charged a direct fall line, navigating the technical terrain with monster billy goats and hop turns. He finished his line by stomping the money cliff at the bottom and sped into the finish area to deafening cheers. The best run of the day had been unquestionably laid down an there was no question in anyone's minds that this young man had just earned a place in the top ten, after entering the day in 19th, and would advance to the Super Finals.

Video of Hayden's finals run:

Then the wait for Jake's run began. Since the success of his line depended on the quality of the elusive hanging pillow in the middle of the cliff band, we had hatched a plan that would allow him to know if anyone else had skied the line ahead of him. The team would stand at the bottom of the venue in a previously agreed upon place. If we had our poles raised in the air, it would signal Jake that the line had been skied and he would have to resort to plan B. If there were no poles in the air, the line was good to go. The only clincher was that the signal would not become visible to Jake until he was halfway down the course - he would have to decide halfway into his run how he would finish it.

We waited.

As we received our first glimpse of Jake, we kept our hands and poles low - the line was good to go. Jake charged the top of his line with such clean and aggressive turns that he had the attention of the entire crowd. His approach was like a machine - a stunning display of technique, creativity, and aggression. Soon he was standing on top of the massive triangle shaped cliff band at the bottom of the venue. We had seen skiers navigate the margins of this all day, but no one had yet stood at the top of it with eyes towards attacking the face of it. The crowd went wild. With one last giant leap he billy-goated towards his secret pillow, disapeared into a cloud of snow, and came charging off the second half of the cliff band, stomping his landing and finding one big monster Telemark turn across the finish apron. The crowd went wild again. Another 18 year old was going to the Men's Super Finals.

Video of Jake's finals run:

Super Finals! Jake and Hayden advance to a top 10 Super Final Round.

Video of Jake's Super Final Run:

Video of Hayden's Super Final Run:

Final Results:
Junior Women
  • Francesca Pavillard-Cain 56.40
  • Kelsey Lewis 42.80
  • riley Ebel 20.0

Junior Men
  • Kjell Ellefson 64.80
  • Luke Lubchenco 56.60
  • Rob Wear 54.40
  • Luke Cutler 53.80
  • Forrest Graves 52.00
  • Christian Kloser 49.40
  • Carder Lamb 38.40

Master Women
  • Deana Pratt 32.60

Master Men
  • Mark Phwah 56.80
  • Luance Gouw 51.60
  • Bill Lerch 51.20
  • Rick Pratt 48.20

Adult Women
  • Megan Michaelson 95.80
  • Paige Brady 80.20
  • Louise Sanseau 78.40
  • Amelia Peacock 78.00
  • Rather Hosch 74.20
  • Di Bridges 73.80
  • Molly Etters 48.40
  • Angie Mauldin 46.00
  • Karina Steele 44.40
  • Kirsten Fraser 43.00
  • Hannah Hosch 42.80

Adult Men
  • Ben Morello 111.20
  • Seaton MacMillan 102.80
  • JT Robinson 102.00
  • Jake Sakson 100.00
  • Phil Spinner 99.60
  • Andy Jacobsen 99.00
  • Jason Layh 97.80
  • Colin MacMillan 96.00
  • Justin Stout 93.60
  • Hayden Kennedy 93.40
  • Ryan Young 62.00