Monday, November 17, 2008

Medals Testing, Day 3 - Bowlerama!

The crew showed up to dryland today under the premise that we would be suffering through a new phase of Medals Testing that was just published by the US Ski team, which required 70's and 80's disco attire. Faces were ashen and worried about another suffer fest after a week of Medal's Testing, but that all changed when we pulled into the bowling alley. The CRMS Telemark Team owned El Jebowl this Thursday afternoon! The 7 year-old birthday party on the other side had nothing on us as we honed our core strength with the ultimate medicine balls.

Luke Lubchenco rolls another between the legs strike.
Adam "Crocket" Hobby
Peter Madigan with some monster steeeeeeeeese.
Gracyn Overstreet laying finding the quickest way to the gutter.
Steve Roh on his way to victory.
Trevor Gomez and Juan Pablo spreading the love.
Peter Madigan and Kelsey Bohannon rolling retro style.
Gracyn Overstreet hooking up with perfect form.
Meghan Detering shows us all what it means to dress for a hard day of dryland and Dylan Smith stalks another set of pins.

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