Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alumni Fueling the Fire...

There are CRMS Telemark Team Alumns out there killing it is so many passionate ways. Here a few on the immediate radar:

Luke Lubchenko, along with help from Nick Malik, Sam Stevens, and Dylan Smith, have started Fort Lewis college's first ever Telemark Club. Rumor has it that 80 people showed interest in signing up. Check them out on Facebook: Fort Lewis Pinheads Telemark Club

Max Mancini is featured again this year in Warren Miller's 60th aniversary movie Dynasty. Also check out a stunning recent article on Max:


In the article is his remarkable recovery from his tragic car accident as well as the story of him starting Life Turns (a program to provide kids -- orphans, cancer patients and paraplegics, among others a week of skiing in Crested Butte).

Nick DeVore continues to make tremendous wakes in the global Telemark world. He is featured again this year in Powder Whore's Flakes (Just got the Telemark Team copy in the mail, we'll be watching it soon!), as well as Sweetgrass Productions movie Signatures.

Jake Sakson makes his debut in the ski movie world in both of these films as well, and he has created quite a buzz as the "New Up and Comer" in the professional Telemark world. We'll be throwing our popcorn at the screen and cheering him on as watch these new flicks as a team.

Thanks to all these folks for fueling the fire on the front lines, but also heartfelt vibes to the hordes of CRMS Telemark Team alumns out there using artistry in Telemark skiing as an analogy for living outstanding, deliberate, and passionate lives.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Waiting for Snow

Charinne Contouris coping with balance and pain at the same time.

If you are mentally suffering because you can't yet ski, you might as well physically suffer as well. Thus the invention of DRYLAND TRAINING.

We have just successfully navigated the first week. People are feeling muscles they didn't know existed as we tackled our first runs and plyos.
Weaver Froelicher mid burpee.

It was a quiet week due to the fact that the SOCCER TEAM ROCKED THE HOUSE this year and extended their season by getting into the State Tournement.

The play and the climbing team also claimed some of our members (for noble reasons).

The small crew that came out suffered in good humor and it feels good to have Telemark on the mind.

Abs of Steel.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

And so it begins...

There is snow on Sopris, frost on the grass in the mornings the leaves have changed and dryland begins on Monday...

Welcome to the 2009-2010 Telemark Season!

Welcome, also, to the CRMS Telemark Team Blog. There is two years of archived stories, travel, adventures, competition results, dryland results and more...all of which can be accessed through the Blog Archive.

Our Dryland Schedule and Competition Schedule can also be accessed through Important Links in the right hand side bar.