Monday, November 17, 2008

Diving Board Sesh!!! ... and Basketball???

Yes, we are a competitive telemark ski team. And yes, in the past week we have dominated the bowling alley, basketball court, and even the pool. The diving board sesh has been in the works for weeks. We got shut out last week when the pool was completely drained. We got shut out for the first hour today since operating hours didn't begin till 4. At last we hit the pool, but not before a killer game of full-court basketball. It was a nice chance to wake-up the potentially sore legs after our first day on snow and turned out to be a rousing, scrappy game. Who knew the tele team had such skills?

As we'd hoped, the diving board was the perfect tool for us to work on aerials- take-offs, spotting landings, body positioning in the air, and sicko moves that require more training before being attempted on snow. Several of the boys have been at this routine throughout the summer and fall. They continued to work on inverted moves, while others focused on springing off the board and staying upright through the progression of 180s, 360s, and beyond. It was a blast! Many laughs and great progress all around!

Gracyn with a clean 180

Dillon getting inverted

Luke teaching Kelsey how to spring off the board

Steve Roh comin' in hot!

Jared spotting the landing on the 180

Sam lookin' steezy

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