Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ultimate Tournament & Balancing Acts

On Tuesday, the tele team put its ultimate frisbee skills to the test by challenging the other dryland programs (off-piste, snowboard, and climbing teams) to a huge Ultimate Tourney. While our already epic dryland season will not likely be remembered for this day, we are proud to say we gave it our best effort. Stylin' in the team color of black, the intimidation of our ninja-like presence could not overcome our lack of skill. In the end, it was the climbers who emerged victorious. With our massive squad of over 20 players, we were fortunate to have subs and also games that evolved on the sidelines amongst extras who were not out on the field. We did not dominate the day, but have had a blast with ultimate this season on many afternoons before yoga.

Subs also learned some of Meghan's magnificent balancing acts! The sidelines were packed with athletes learning to kneel and rotate, stand, and squat on plyoballs. Others attempted the medicine ball toss while standing on two, or even one, legs on the Bosu ball. In each of these exercises we're aiming to improve balance and core and lower body strength-- all tools that will benefit us in various aspects of our skiing over the coming months. Plus it's fun to have a ninja circus side-show on the field to cheer on the team!

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