Saturday, November 20, 2010

The 4th Annual Red Hill Time Trial becomes Stage 1 of the Oystermeister Challenge

Light snow a few days before added some mud, light snow, and ice to parts of the Red Hill Time Trial course this year. That didn't stop 59 competetors from coming out, on the last Friday before Thanksgiving Break, to compete in the first stage of the first innagural Oystermeister Challenge, also known in some circles as the Tour de CRMS.

What is the Oystermeister, you might ask? It is a series of competitions, throughout the academic year at CRMS, that are either long standing traditional events, or fairly new events, that are part of the soul of CRMS. Standings across all six events will be recorded to establish the king and queen of CRMS sports, in student and faculty divisions.

The Headmeister Challenge...

FURTHERMORE, there is a challenge within the challenge: The Headmeister challenge! As a fundraiser, faculty have pledged a donation of $200 to the three philanthropic student clubs for any male student that beats headmaster Jeff Leahy in overall standings, and other $200 for any female student that beats Amanda Leahy in overall standings.

We were thrilled to see so many people come out for stage 1, the Red Hill Time Trial.
The rest of the stages are:
2. A CRMS Climbing Comp
3. The CRMS Rat Race (Nordic race at Spring Gulch)
4. The February Plunge (a swim race)
5. The Sweet Hill Time Trial (Bike race from CRMS up to Dry Park)
6 The Crystal River Races (Kayak downriver race).

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