Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week 3 of Dryland: Medals Testing and... BOWLING!

We got after it hard Monday and Tuesday with Medals Testing (results coming soon). Hex jumps, push ups, sit ups, and box jumps on Monday, and the 440 and the Mile on Tuesday. The Alpine Team joined us for both days, and both crews got after it hard, especially in the box jumps, 440, and mile.

We ended the week with some critical cross training at El Jebowl where we pounded several baskets of fries and gave the gutters a good work out, (with the exception of high rollers Meghan Detering and Luke Falcone).

"That is one sexy crew"

"That's a good unicorn"

"I know, another gutter ball. Just hide your eyes"

"I may be wearing a dress, but let me ask you this: "Who's your daddy?""

"I may not be able to read, but let me tell you what the score board says right now... S-T-R-I-K-E!"

"Ohhhhhh, it's so cute when you knock all the pins down!"

"This ball is going right for the gutter"

"Um, Meghan, do you have a costume I can borrow?"

"He can't also be good at bowling, can he? CAN HE?"

"Why are the pins on the roof?"

"...and so the frog said to the bananna, where did you get that suit?..."

"Fear the Komono"

"Let me show you how we did it back in the 80s"

"Jedi's don't need to see to bowl"

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