Saturday, November 17, 2007

2007 Thanksgiving Telemark Camp

Saturday November 17 2007

Today was one of those great days partially because our expectations were so low. There is basically no snow anywhere and it had been a struggle to find places to hold the camp. There had been rumors that Aspen would open, only to diminish in the days before the camp. We then set our sights on Vail, which pulled the plug on their opening day two days before the camp.

So it was back to Copper, which had seen no snow since they opened a couple runs two weeks ago. As we arrived it was evident that they had opened another lift. Crowds were low because of the reported poor conditions. It was lightly snowing. Hayden Kennedy was back in force. Cody Smith drove out from Utah to ski with us for the weekend. We also joined with two other up Lip Stick Athletes.

In the morning the advanced skiers hit it hard with Cody and Meghan. Jack Gerber introduced Kai Cranmer and Alex Padget to the telemark turn, both of who made great progress and put together an outstanding first day of telemark skiing. I skied with Lukas Morelock and Duncan, both of who were on day two of telemarking and making great progress.

The afternoon found us in the rail park, and every single person on the team hit the rails and boxes with great energy and great results. Alex and Lukas slid their first rails. Molly, Kelsey, and Brooke were all doing 360 box slides by the end of the day. Sam, and Luke all made tremendous progress with 270's and Dillon blew everyones mind with killer off-side switch ups.

By the end of the day our legs were burning and everyone was all smiles. We'll be back at it tomorrow!

More Photos:

Below: Kelsey Lewis dials a 360 box slide and Trevor Gomez sees some carnage during one of his Telemark box slide attemps (many of which were successfull!).

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