Tuesday, March 1, 2011

VMS - CRMS Telemark Extravaganza 2011

The Vail Mountain School and CRMS Telemark Teams united in Aspen again this year for another weekend of Telemarking together, competition, and general shenanagins.

The weekend began on Friday at Aspen Highlands where we divided up into two groups for the morning: those who wanted to schralp Highlands Bowl, and those who were not quite ready for Highlands Bowl.

Due to his knee injury CRMS Telemark Team athlete Adam Hobby graciously volunteered to give the non-bowl group a tour of the lower part of the mountain, which at first appeared that he would be taking one for the team, until it became evident that this entire group was made out girls from VMS...BROWNCHICKENBROWNCOW...who's your daddy?

The other group marched up the bowl ridge in howling winds and sub-zero temps. It was not unlike an Everest Expedition, and a RAW introduction to the bowl to some of the newer members of the VMS team. It was great to see CRMS students so comfortable in such conditions, and willing to help at the drop of hat (including Charlie Boyne removing his coon-tail from his helmet and stuffing it around the face of one particularly cold and whiney VMS student who was complaining about his face freezing off..."Here, wear this"!) Everyone made the summit, however, and the powder turns down through the North Woods revitalized peoples spirits and blew people minds.

VMS/CRMS Highlands Bowl Summit Team!

In the afternoon we BBQed at the bottom of Scarletts and held an informal bump competition between the two schools. Riley Ebel from VMS managed to win the entire comp AGAIN this year. Here are the results:

Riley Ebel 84
Ellen Edgerton 71
Kelsey B. 70.5
Maggie Sherman 68.5
Sydney Idzikowski 68
Emily Bandoni 65.5
Nicole Byrne 64.5
Maddi Conlin 64.5
Sierra Brill 63
Hannah Horne 53
Kelsey Freeman 52.5
Monika Gehl 48.5
Kendall Peck 43.5
Kelsey Samuels 33.5

Luke Falcone 81.5
Addison Baker 73.5
Peter Madigan 71.5
Marshall Thompson 70
Austin Cerny 70
Tanner Shelden 69
Brandon Rosenbach 64
Ian Reid 62
Cormack McGeough 62.5
Josh Rosenbach 62.5
Charlie Boyne 60
Claire Jaicks 58.5
Weaver Froelicher 58
Jack Geddes 57
Andy Wright 50.5
Lucien Blakemore 44.5
Drew Verratti 44
Christain Bohren 43
Craig Tietbohl 40
Avery Hynes 27.5

BBQ at the bottom of Scarletts

That night we held a square dance in the barn to live music provided by Josh Carter, Kayo, Connor Meyers, Shannon Meyer, Leah Linse, and Calleigh Smith. Josh's wife Mallory called dance. The CRMS Telemark team was well trained in square dancing from a run through of it on dryland the day before. At the end of the dance we tried to morph it into an electronic dance, with a bit of success for a while.

On Sunday both teams hit Snowmass, where we attempted to hold the first annual dual big mountain competition, where teams of two were going to compete on the Hanging Valley Headwall and be judged on syncronicity as well as the full array of big mountain competition criteria. The visibility did not cooperate however, and so we just had to ski powder. Sometimes it is hard being a Telemark skier.

At the end of the day Lucien Blakemore crashed and had his arm skied over, resulting in a wicked wound, to which his response was: "this is going to be such a sick scar!". We all visited him in the clinic until we were finally kicked out.

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