Thursday, November 19, 2009

CRMS Telemark Crushes the Red Hill Time Trial!

The dryland season came to an end with the 3rd annual Red Hill Time Trial. It was a beautiful bluebird day with a winter chill in the air and snow on the north facing slopes... the perfect setting to step into the hurt locker and get fired up for the winter season.

The men's record of 20.02 was CRUSHED by 2 and 1/2 minutes this year by Luke Falcone!

On the women's front, Aisha Weinhold snuck ahead of record holder Jacklyn LaRoche to take this years women's title.

Across the board the Telemark team gave it their all and ended the dryland season in flying colors.

2009 Results:

Luke Falcone, Telemark 17:30
Max Stevens, Alpine Coach, 18:16
Gus Griffin, Nordic 18:30
Peter Madigan, Telemark 21:09
Ludwig Ragnarsson 21:52
Joy 22:53
Charlie Boyne, Telemark 23:08
Sam Kaufman, Nordic 23:28
Grady Lenkin, Telemark 23:44
Aisha Weinhold, Telemark 23:51
acqueline Larouche, Alpine 24:00
Middle Schooler (Sorry I forgot her name) 24:33
Meghan Detering, Telemark Coach 25:57
Florentina Arthuber, Alpine 26:00
Kelsey Freeman, Telemark 26:05
JJ Whorley, Telemark 27:07
Sam Bell, Alpine 27:34
Peyton Heitzman, Telemark 30:11
Catherine Masters, Alpine 31:07
Emily Bartlomiejczuk, Nordic 31:22
Lilly Reed, Alpine 31:22
Mima Strong, Nordic 31:46
Maggie Devany, Nordic 31:46
Aubrey Mason, Alpine 34:06
Tamsin Pargiter, Nordic 34:18
Michaela Craig, Nordic 34:20
Julia Williams, Alpine 35:04
Coleman Spence, Nordic 36:42