Monday, March 23, 2009

USASA Slopestyle

My camera was giving me trouble today, so I wasn't able to do justice to the superb CRMS Telemark Team showing against an alpine and snowboard field at the USASA Slopestyle at the end of February in Snowmass. Although we got off to a rocky start with most of the crew showing up too late to get properly registered, we were able to get most people into the event and the day ended in heroic fashion. Below are a few shots and results from the event.

Peter Madigan was one of several people on the team that came out to enjoy the bluebird conditions and support the crew competing.

Luke Lubchenko, mid 720 over the judges, and on his way to a second place finish in the men's open field.

Dillon Smith on his way to stomping his second corked 9. Two clean runs, both culminating in corked 9s, put him in first place in the mens open class.

Luke Lubchenko sending skis everywhich way mid 3 off the second table.

Dillon Smith, mid switch unatural 5 (I think)

Adam Hobby and Thorne Warner have hit their first season on the Telemark Team hard. They have continually supplimented what we can accomplish during the week with weekend and break seshions, often in the park perfecting rails and tables. As a result, they have made huge strides this year. Unfortunately Thorn was sick for this comp, but Adam put together 2 clean runs in his first slopestyle comp.

Adam and the tail tap picknick table gap.

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