Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gearing Up For 2008 Telemark Extremes in Crested Butte

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The crew is fired up after getting an epic taste of Big Mountain competition in Taos. The CRMS Telemark Team has not been to Crested Butte since the date of the competition was switched from the end of February to the middle of March - smack in the middle of CRMS Spring Break. This year about 1/2 the team has decided to pony up and jump into the fray, however, and Taos was the perfect place to wet the pallate.

Last year Jake Sakson went to Crested Butte on his on volition and destroyed the junior field, landing run scores that would have placed him 3rd in the men. This provided tremendous inspiration for the rest of the team and coaches alike to get back down there and represent. Below is a sequence one one of Jakes runs.

Trip Details:
CRMS Departure and Return to Campus:
Many of the team will travel to CB early to get a feel for the venue. The rest of us will depart CRMS on Thursday Morning March 20th at 11:00 AM - in time to get down to the Competitors Meeting and Registration Thursday evening.

We will compete in preliminary's Friday, and Finals on Saturday. We have lodging through Saturday Night, so that we can enjoy the awards banquet and not have to drive back late at night.
Those people traveling with me will return to CRMS Sunday.

Registration Information:
There are two options for registration. The first is to register on-line, using individual credit cards (which can be reimbursed to the Telemark Budget through the business office). This would streamline registration, as well as guarantee a spot.

The other is to register on-site with the team where we will pay registration fees all together.

The team budget will cover
-The two day registration packet (if competetors want to do the 3 day to get another discounted lift ticket, the budget will cover $150, and the student will need to cover the remaining $30.)
-2 Nights Lodging at the Crested Butte Lodge and Hostel (Friday and Saturday Night)
Thursday night's lodging (which will most likely be a hotel room in Gunnison) will also be covered for the crew coming down with me.

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Thom said...

Your athletes Rock!
Thanks for the show at CB.
Thom Conville